Kay….I guess you could say I’m just a lover of all things food related. Back when a dog was pup, you could find me standing on my tiptoes atop a bucket next to my grandmother, covered in flour, putting egg shells in her cake batter. Or even in my grandfather’s vegetable garden, picking tomatoes before it’s time and breaking the roots of a plant (because everything looked like weeds). No matter how much I ruined their food, my grandma and papa were persistent and patient with me. They believed that growing and cooking your own food was the key to survival, an independent living skill central to “adulting.”  As offsprings one generation removed from slavery, they understood how imperative it was to always have the ability to provide a bite to eat for you and your loved ones.
Over the years they would teach me to grow and stew cabbage straight from the garden and that the best gravy begins with chicken grease or beef drippings. They each reminded me to always share a meal with our neighbors and pack leftovers in the freezer just in case someone in need came to visit. Most importantly, they would teach me the meaning of community through love, resourcefulness and resiliency. 
Fast forward to 2017 and well, I must admit my food choices aren’t nearly as nutrional as they were then (don’t ye dare judge me.) However, the passion for food and community rendered by my grandparent’s mission never subsided. With myself, Mann (love of my life) and JuJu (love of our life), there’s never a bland, one note flavor in our home! My hope is that you can get a little taste of my world as I share experiences both past and present surrounding my love for food and anything related. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and reminisce as I invite you to have a seat at our table.
Btw, no worries! The love you and I have for food, well that makes us common. But it’ll be through our unique experiences that we’ll build lifelong connections.
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Seasoned w/ Love,