Ditch tradition: this year, give thanks with a kick ass friendsgiving!

friendsgiving dinner with apple pie and pasta

When it comes to holidays with the fam, I must say I have quite a bit of “family” members who have no kinship to me at all. That said, I have spent many seasons with friends that I love sharing stories, drinks and tons of laughter. Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing like spending Thanksgiving with family but you can also have a Friendsgiving: where you invite everyone over for a night of great food, enjoying each other’s company, reminiscing over memories.

Let’s not get confused: Friendsgiving is NOT Thanksgiving. However, it is {typically} celebrated in early November in addition to spending the holiday with family. Let’s be real: anytime is a great time to pig out and get drunk with friends so don’t limit yourself! Keep on scrolling, here are some quick tips for preparing your menu for Friendsgiving! Got more to add? Leave your tips in the comments below!

“Friendsgiving: a great time to pig out and get  drunk with friends…”

have sweet potato casserole this friendsgiving

Make your menu crazy, sexy, cool.

Friendsgiving is a day where your dinner  as fun and creative  as you’d like! How about a diy deconstructed pie bar with all your favorite fillings and toppings with a batch of crispy dough rounds?! Like, seriously, who could only eat one? A pie bar is very simple and easy to do, best of all there’s no long hours and sweating in the kitchen! Take this as one example of a way to break away from traditional holiday dinners and create something fun, interactive, and daring for your friends and family! If you’re a pinterest fan like myself, then this would be the perfect time to head over to my board: Friendsgiving Faves. There, you’ll find some creative recipes from myself and other foodies around the world!

Delegate the Dish!

I know that sounds kind of harsh but trust, this is one you need to remember! Friendsgiving is supposed to be fun, exciting and enjoyable for everyone, including you! So instead of trying to make every single dish on your own, ask your friends to sign up to make a dish. Now I know, not everybody wants to cook, but maybe they can help with decor, making a play list, sending out invites, etc. Friendsgiving is about friends/ family that come together to celebrate and be thankful for each other. Unlike thanksgiving, where grandma cooks it all, this is one time you can lean back on the concept of a potluck and let everyone get involved! Remember, it’s not about having the best cooking skills, but allowing each guest to add their own flavor to the festivities.

Try traditional with a twist!

For some, like those in the military or students who can’t make it home from college, Friendsgiving may very well be this year’s Thanksgiving. That said, bring in a bit of home with some traditional flavors- but amped up! Instead of a giant 15 pound Butterball turkey, try roasted turkey drumsticks with a creamy mushroom gravy! You can serve it with stuffing or over noodles, rice, even mashed potatoes! If you have an instant pot, these will only take about 45 minutes to cook to perfect tenderness! Paired with a Crunchy Pecan Sweet Potato Casserole and a classic creamy Green Bean Casserole, you’ll have the flavors of home in half the time!