Looking for the Latest Tea? How about Brown Girl Lemonade – Queen Bey Style?

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‘Twas a night before Super Bowl when  all through the house

Not a female soul was stirring, not even a mouse.

We were all glued to Youtube, gawking and drooling without care

As sun-kissed Beyonce’ snatched our souls and plaited our hair.

Women of Color: Afros, braids, and every curl in between,

Saw themselves in each of those beautiful kinky, curly Queens.

Standing up for every single ovary during, before, and after this generation

Beyonce’ made a call to action: Ladies, Get in FORMATION!


Challenging the intersectionality of social injustice in America,  Beyonce’ adorned us with Formation, a preview to her album, Lemonade. Snatching wigs and hurting feelings, Formation made every Woman of Color feel empowered. Empowered to be free. Empowered to stand up. Empowered to fight back. Empowered to love themselves…to join in unity….to work together and take over the world!

Such a statement inspired me to make a cocktail that does the same.

Ya see, it looks like tea but really it’s lemonade. Not your typical lemonade, but a cocktail of love and freedom. Forget the white granulated sugar, we’re going brown and who says a girl can’t love whiskey!? Baby, pour it in my cup!

Paired with fresh lemons a brown simple syrup… how can we go wrong?

Taste the sweet spot where melanin meets liberation.

Seasoned w/ Love,


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