A friend asked for the perfect pumpkin recipe this Fall, so I skipped the latte and headed straight for the pasta.

When the blistering morning heat turns into cool early morning dew. When the colorful leaves start gliding slowly to the ground. We all know what time it is…welcome home, Fall.

Bring on the pumpkin! There’s no question about it, you can smell it in the air. No other climate change takes the win on annual favorites like Pumpkin! From the delicious, pumpkin spice latte to the decadent pumpkin ginger crust pie, we just can’t get enough of the orange stuff! But did you know, pumpkin has a creamy savory side that pairs perfectly with pasta, potatoes, and rice?! Yes, my dear, there’s more to pumpkin season than espresso and whip cream. The first time I tried the heavenly mix of pumpkin and pasta…well, it was nothing short of amazing. The first bite of pumpkin and butternut squash ravioli was enough to tickle my fancy! Couldn’t believe how delicious it was!

Pumkin fettucini with sage and mushrooms

Of course, when Katherine asked me to whip up something fun and delicious for this perfect pumpkin season, I thought why not hope on the pumpkin pasta train? I was too excited to come up with something great that anyone would like and I had one person in mind. As much as I love pumpkin, my love bug despises it! He may try the occasional pumpkin pie but he mostly prefers sweet potato (which, how can you blame him?) However, what he does love is pasta and cheese and sauce and pasta…and cheese.  So I decided to give this pumpkin + pasta duo a try because I wouldn’t dare want him to miss out on such awesomeness, right?

After a bit of research, I decided to combine the creamy, nutty flavor of Alfredo pasta sauce with the sweet, yet subtle flavor of pumpkin. Just saying that out loud constitutes a match made in heaven. Plus, Alfredo sauce has such a nutty flavor due to the Parmesan so I threw a bit extra in the sauce and on top to really heighten the deliciousness of  the pumpkin. With a dash of pumpkin spice and a little sage, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Now that I’ve tested this recipe, it’s time I get my honey love in the kitchen to try it! (wish me luck?!) Are there any pumpkin dishes that have taken you by surprise?! Be sure to comment below!

From pasta and soup to toast and oatmeal, pumpkin is as versatile as any savory vegetable. I am just saying, pumpkin for breakfast, lunch and dinner sounds like the  ultimate Fall thing to do!

Katherine and Brandon, I hope this pumpkin delight warms your heart as much as it did mine.

Seasoned w/ Love.