Get down and Dirty with the Chai!

Rosella Coffee Company Chai Latte San Antonio

No one can deny the sweet love for the warmth of chai spice during the winter. Chai tea, chai latte, vanilla chai, bourbon, chai, Chai, CHAI! The trend of chai  has yielded some very creative beverages from home cook to coffee barista. But I bet you haven’t taken a walk on the wild side with the filth of the Dirty Chai!!! DIRTY CHAI?! Yep, you heard me.

With Chai, you know you’re going to get beautiful hints of cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg. Now imagine adding the deep flavorful note of espresso to this wintery spice mix. See where I am going here? Typically, coffee shops don’t list the dirty chai, some find it downright disrespectful to add espresso to tea. For myself, I like life kinky and surprising so BRING IT ON! You can ask for a dirty chai anywhere and if your barista is as magical as they claim to be…well, you won’t have to say another word. Here in San Antonio, I have tried two Dirty Chai Lattes. both wonderfully delicious in their own right. However, my fave is at the infamous Rosella Coffee Company.


Rosella Coffee Company Chai Latte


With my fave location on E. Jones, Rosella Coffee Company by far has a Dirty Chai to remember. With an eclectic, yet rustic atmosphere, Rosella is perfect for a study sesh, chit chat with friends, or even some simple alone time. Upstairs and downstairs seating, a massive patio/courtyard, AND outdoor balcony dining…there’s always somewhere to kick your feet up here. However, parking is a B!=^#!!! Get there at the wrong time and you’ll be walking for a block or two. Which, I guess, if you think about it, isn’t quite bad considering the calorie overload that may come with this Dirty Chai I am shoving in your face!

Aside from the coffee + tea taboo in a cup, Rosella takes it up a notch even further making this Dirty Chai completely filthy by adding TWO shots of espresso and heap of chai spice on top….warm me up from my head to my toes! All I’m saying is I highly recommend trying Rosella’s Dirty Chai or asking your local barista to take a walk on the wild side with you- tell them to throw in some espresso with your chai tea, steam up some milk and top it with a sprinkle of heaven. Don’t worry, they’ll know what you’re going for…  it’ll be your dirty little secret.

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Rosella Coffee Company Chai Latte

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